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Helping families and individuals since 1986

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Which parent claims a child as dependent this tax season?

It is often difficult to know how to navigate many of the issues that arise when two parents choose to raise a child separately. Whether this occurs in a divorce or between two individuals who are not married to each other, the process can prove difficult no matter how you approach it.

What you need to know about Florida alimony laws

If you are considering divorce, you are probably concerned with how the split will affect you financially. You will no longer have your husband's wages to pay the bills or other living expenses. Furthermore, since you have not worked for many years so that you could focus on managing the household and raising the children, you may have difficulties finding a job that pays enough for you to support yourself. In addition, you might experience a drastic change in the lifestyle you are accustomed to living.

4 reasons that parents decide not to get married

Unmarried parents are more common in the United States today than they have ever been. In fact, from 1970 to the 2000s, studies found that the percentage of women who had tied the knot before having a first child got cut in half. Studies also found that the percentage of women who were pregnant and unmarried, and who still decided to live with the father of the child when he or she was born, increased dramatically. It jumped from 8 percent all the way up to 28 percent.

Are you worried you could lose your kids?

The pit-of-the-stomach worry that comes with the fear of losing your children in a child custody case is not an easy one to endure. However, many Florida parents -- either those who are going through a divorce or those who have never married -- have concerns about their future ability to care for and live with their children.