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What steps can you take to prevent international child abduction?

If you had a child with a foreigner and the relationship between the two of you has become acrimonious, you may have concerns that your child’s other parent may attempt to abduct your son or daughter and flee to his or her home country. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, P.A., we have counseled many clients who fear their former partners may attempt to abduct their shared children, and we have a firm understanding of the steps you can take to minimize the chances of such an occurrence.

Custody issues and Halloween

There are all sorts of challenges that can arise during a dispute over child custody or after an arrangment is already in place. From strong emotions to extreme stress levels and concerns about a child's well-being and a parent's ability to maintain a close bond with the child, to say that custody issues can be hard is an understatement. We also know that there are certain times of year, such as Halloween and other holidays, when custody matters can be even more difficult for parents and their children to deal with. If you recently experienced any of these hardships on Halloween, whether you were unable to go trick-or-treating with your child or struggled with confusion involving your child's other parent, you should look into preventing these complications from arising in the future.

Dealing with international abduction of a child

When a parent removes their child from Florida to a different country while under another parent's custody, this is known as international abduction. This action is prohibited by federal law, and a conviction can lead to imprisonment and exclusion from future custody rights.

Talking with your child about custody issues

From back child support to raising the topic of divorce with your marital partner, family law can be challenging for families in different ways. However, some people find that matters which involve their children, such as a custody dispute or child support, are particularly tough. Moreover, family law matters can be especially hard on children, which is why you should try to ease any concerns your child has. Our law firm knows the different ways in which children can be affected by divorce, custody rulings, and other family law outcomes, which is why we believe it is essential for parents to firmly grasp an understanding of their rights and strive for healthy outcomes for their children.

Don't miss out on special days with your child

Sitting down to make a parenting plan with the child's other parent could be an emotional strain. However, Mom and Dad are likely to be better off putting aside their differences and focusing on the task as a team. The Florida Courts warn that when parents are not able to create a time-sharing agreement on their own, the matter is placed in the hands of a Florida judge, instead. 

Can co-parenting be adaptable and amicable?

For many Florida parents who are undergoing divorce proceedings, some of the first questions they ask are about their children. Navigating your way through the complexities of separation takes superior importance when facing concerns for the well-being and adjustment of your children. Co-parenting in particular is an agreement that must be determined by both you and your spouse. When carefully approached, negotiations can result in a positive arrangement that benefits you and more importantly, your children.

Post-divorce relocation and its impact on children

Each year, many Floridian couples defer to divorce as a solution to deteriorating relationships and continual disagreements. Unfortunately, many of these couples have children who are severely impacted by court proceedings and impending outcomes. One of the most significant changes that children must cope with is the relocation of one or both of their parents.

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