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Typical mistakes during a divorce

Couples who are going through a divorce in Florida may be dealing with emotions such as anger, sadness and resentment, and when these affect how a spouse deals with the divorce proceedings, this can lead to negative outcomes. There are many decisions to make during a divorce, and whether it is due to emotions, to save money or to avoid making hard choices, there are common mistakes couples make during a divorce.

Emotional abuse and divorce

When someone is the victim of physical abuse in Florida, there are easy-to-identify signs, such as bruises or broken bones. However, emotional abuse is harder to identify, both by the victim and by others, which can make it difficult to prove in cases of divorce. Knowing the signs to look for, and working with an expert in the area, can help.

Protecting your retirement plans in a gray divorce

According to Forbes, gray divorce is on the rise. In fact, over the past 25 years, it increased by 109%, compared to just 21% for people between the ages of 25 and 39. There are many potential reasons for gray divorces in Florida and the rest of the U.S., including greater financial independence for women and even the availability of healthcare without needing to rely on a partner’s plan.

How to protect yourself financially from a spiteful spouse

There is a bitter irony in the fact that engagement month in December is swiftly followed by the season of divorce in January. This may also be the month when many divorcing breadwinners in Florida begin to waste marital assets to reduce the value of assets that should be divided with their spouse. From gambling to spending money on lovers, no act is too low for these people.

Dealing with divorce as a large family

When it comes to divorce, every couple is in a unique situation. Some may have a great deal of wealth, while others may be struggling due to a low income. Some couples may have no children and others may have several kids. If you and your marital partner have many children, there are a number of issues that must be taken into consideration when you bring your marriage to an end. Not only is child custody a potential hurdle, but you may also have to deal with legal issues related to child support payments. Moreover, divorce can be especially stressful for those who have many kids.

The pain of 'feeling' after a divorce

When someone has decided to end their marriage and pursue a divorce in Florida, the challenges they are facing can often be unnerving and overwhelming. Processing the significant change that has taken place, grieving the loss of a once-cherished relationship and coming to terms with an uncertain future can take time. Often, people are required to process these difficult emotions while managing the details of their divorce including child custody and relocation. 

Stepchildren and family law matters

When a marriage ends, it can be a tumultuous time for the entire family. Moreover, some families, such as those which involve a stepparent, may have additional uncertainty as they move toward the finalization of a divorce. For example, a stepparent may have questions about whether or not they will be able to spend time with their child after the divorce and their visitation or custody rights. Moreover, some may wonder if they will be obligated to pay child support.

Approaching divorce as a young couple

In recent years, many people have been pushing off marriage until they are older. However, some people still tie the knot at a young age for various reasons. For example, a couple that is in their teens may get married following an unexpected pregnancy, or another couple may decide to get married right after they have finished college because they feel ready to settle down. However, those who get married at a very early age may come to find that their marriage is not working out and that divorce is necessary. The divorce process can be very tough for couples in this position.

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