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The gray area of paternity testing

Many fathers in Florida have wondered at some point if they are the father of their children. Faced with pervasive doubts, many may deny the child all together and refuse to offer support of any kind. This can have devastating effects on not just the woman, but far more importantly, the child. These children may grow up fatherless as a result of the disconnect. If they had a relationship with their fathers prior to this, it may leave them with abandonment issues for some time to come.

How paternity can help your child inherit from you

One of the most important reasons to establish legal paternity in Florida is to increase ways your child can inherit from you. With the law recognizing you as a legal father, your child will have the right to receive certain assets from you when you pass away. Even if your child is not automatically in line to receive assets like your retirement and pension benefits, establishing parentage will put your offspring in consideration for inheritance.

Simple things dads can do that kids love

Being a father can be one of the most important jobs a man ever has. If you are going through a Florida divorce and trying to develop a parenting plan, you may worry that you aren’t spending enough time with your children. At Beverly L. Brennan, P.A., we assist clients in creating parenting plans that help you move past the turmoil of divorce and on to the next chapter in your life.

Tips for fathers preparing a parenting plan

If you are a Florida father going through a divorce, you may have questions about custody and how you can ensure you get time with your children. In the past, mothers often had primary responsibility for minor children. However, today courts prefer joint custody and parenting plans that keep dad involved with his kids. At Beverly L. Brennan, P.A., we help clients prove paternity, develop parenting plans and work to ensure the best possible outcome.

Establishing paternity and strong emotions

When it comes to establishing paternity, there are many different factors that unmarried couples, fathers, and mothers take into consideration. For example, a mother may believe that her child's other parent should pay child support as the biological father of a child, while a father may wish to establish paternity in order to spend time with their kids. Moreover, the establishment of paternity may result in a wide variety of strong emotions, from happiness and relief to anger or depression. As with all family law issues, people should handle these matters with care.

Establishing paternity to spend time with your child

On this blog, we have gone over some of the different benefits of paternity establishment, such as providing a custodial parent with the financial support they depend on and allowing children to access crucial information. However, paternity can be advantageous from a father's standpoint as well. For example, a father may wish to establish paternity in order to spend more time with their child. Our law firm realizes that these issues can be incredibly stressful, especially for those who are unsure about their ability to maintain a relationship with their child in the future.

Paternity is about more than just ID'ing dad

Paternity is the formal English word for fatherhood. On its face, it doesn't carry any particular connotation. However, when applied in a legal context, the meaning can take on varying shades. When a child is wanted, so might be the identity of being the father. However, sometimes hearing the word paternity triggers concern that you could face obligations you don't feel you should have to bear.

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