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What is considered separate property?

One of the major questions divorcing Florida residents may face is what constitutes property that they share under law. Much of their property and assets will be considered martial property and will likely be divided up in a divorce proceeding. However, some property may still be considered the separate property of each party, as the Huffington Post describes in this article.

College issues that come with divorce

Ending your marriage can change your life in many different ways. For example, your relationship with your children could be affected or you might experience financial complications. However, preparing ahead can help prevent or reduce the impact of these challenges, in some instances. Moreover, it is important to be aware of the other ways that divorce could affect you. For example, whether you are attending college or one of your children will soon start classes, it may be a good idea to focus on this facet of life if you are approaching divorce.

Divorce and your travel plans

A myriad of factors can influence the outcome of a divorce case, such as accusations of intimate partner violence and the financial position of each party. However, dealing with divorce matters can be especially tough for those who travel regularly or have an extensive trip coming up. Whether you have planned a vacation and do not want the end of your marriage to derail what you lined up or you are required to travel for business purposes, it is very important to do what you can to reduce the likelihood of your trip having a negative impact on the outcome of your divorce.

Divorce and identity theft

If you are preparing to end your marriage, various hurdles may lie ahead. Whether you are worried about the financial ramifications that could come with calling the marriage off or you are unsure of how custody will be awarded, this can be a hard time. However, there are other facets of divorce that you may want to consider. For example, some people have become victims of identity theft after splitting up with their spouse. Our law firm knows how emotional divorce cases can be and we have also seen the extreme actions that some people carry out.

Seasonal affective disorder and the divorce process

Seasonal affective disorder can lead to a wide range of challenges, which can be particularly tough for those who are ending their marriage. From depression to constantly feeling fatigued, SAD can be tricky, especially if you are approaching the process of divorce. By recognizing the consequences of this condition, you may be able to prevent SAD from interfering with your ability to work towards a fair and favorable outcome during the end of your marriage, if you are facing any of these challenges on a personal level. People who suffer from SAD and other challenges, such as PTSD, should not feel as if they are trapped in their marriage.

Filing for divorce as a military family

Divorce almost always creates certain hurdles for people who have chosen to end their marriage. Sometimes, couples may have a considerable amount of emotional pain and difficulty adjusting to their new lives. In other cases, couples are often upset over legal issues involving the custody of their kids, child support, the division of marital property, and other topics. Regrettably, these challenges can be even more difficult for those who are serving in the military or have a spouse who is a military member.

What is a parenting plan?

For parents in Florida who are going through a divorce, a parenting plan helps define details about child custody and major decisions that are made about the child's upbringing. This plan is court ordered and is valid through both the separation and divorce proceedings.

Preparing for the financial effects of divorce

When people think about some of the hurdles that are associated with divorce, some might focus on the emotional toll of ending a marriage, custody, or the impact that divorce will have on children. However, it is essential for you to understand how you could be impacted by divorce from a financial standpoint and take steps to prepare yourself beforehand. Our firm knows the multitude of ways in which divorce can lead to major financial changes and we believe it is pivotal for people to prepare.

Infidelity, emotions and divorce

Couples make the decision to terminate their marriage for diverse reasons. Sometimes, two people are simply incompatible, while others may decide to split up as a result of infidelity. Divorce can generate strong emotions, especially in cases where one person cheated on the other. However, it is very important for those going through this to do what they can to find a favorable outcome. Often, this involves keeping emotions in check and trying to stay cool during the divorce process. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we know this can be quite hard for some couples in Florida.

Looking at divorce from a woman's perspective

Whether you are a woman who is facing divorce-related challenges or you are preparing to split up with your female spouse, it could be helpful to look at divorce from a woman's perspective. During a divorce, all sorts of emotions can arise and people may experience or worry about financial problems, difficulties with children, relocation and a host of other matters. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we know how tricky it can be for people to work through the divorce process and other legal issues involving family law.