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Seasonal affective disorder and the divorce process

Seasonal affective disorder can lead to a wide range of challenges, which can be particularly tough for those who are ending their marriage. From depression to constantly feeling fatigued, SAD can be tricky, especially if you are approaching the process of divorce. By recognizing the consequences of this condition, you may be able to prevent SAD from interfering with your ability to work towards a fair and favorable outcome during the end of your marriage, if you are facing any of these challenges on a personal level. People who suffer from SAD and other challenges, such as PTSD, should not feel as if they are trapped in their marriage.

Filing for divorce as a military family

Divorce almost always creates certain hurdles for people who have chosen to end their marriage. Sometimes, couples may have a considerable amount of emotional pain and difficulty adjusting to their new lives. In other cases, couples are often upset over legal issues involving the custody of their kids, child support, the division of marital property, and other topics. Regrettably, these challenges can be even more difficult for those who are serving in the military or have a spouse who is a military member.

Grandparents have limited visitation rights in Florida

Grandparents in Florida have limited rights to see their grandchildren, with courts coming down on the side of parents as the rightful decision-makers in who can interact with their children. Despite this judicial climate, the grandparents of two Orange County children won visitation rights earlier this year, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The decision comes from Florida's Supreme Court and allows the paternal grandparents to have the children visit them at their Colorado home twice a year.

What is a parenting plan?

For parents in Florida who are going through a divorce, a parenting plan helps define details about child custody and major decisions that are made about the child's upbringing. This plan is court ordered and is valid through both the separation and divorce proceedings.

Preparing for the financial effects of divorce

When people think about some of the hurdles that are associated with divorce, some might focus on the emotional toll of ending a marriage, custody, or the impact that divorce will have on children. However, it is essential for you to understand how you could be impacted by divorce from a financial standpoint and take steps to prepare yourself beforehand. Our firm knows the multitude of ways in which divorce can lead to major financial changes and we believe it is pivotal for people to prepare.

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