Securing Custody And Crafting Parenting Plans

It is the public policy of the state of Florida that children should have two parents actively engaged in raising them. The terms for this arrangement are shared parental responsibility, or co-parenting. Child custody and visitation are handled with the establishment of a parenting plan.

I am Beverly L. Brennan, a Naples attorney with the compassion and skill to make a difference in your situation. I have been helping families move successfully through divorce and other challenges for over 30 years. Let me help you successfully start the next chapter of your and your children’s lives, too.

Making The Right Decisions For Your Future And The Future Of Your Children

Children can suffer greatly during a divorce. As a lawyer, I have spent many years working on children’s legal issues, which has given me some insight into the needs of children during and after a divorce. I am a parent myself, and most of my volunteer and community work is also with young people.

Questions To Ask When Developing A Parenting Plan

The goal of a parenting plan is to promote security and consistency in children’s lives. The best interests of the children are most important, and having a relationship with both parents is in the best interests of the children. This is the primary thing to keep in mind when creating a parenting plan.

Here are a few of the many other questions you should consider:

  • Which parent will take time off work to care for the kids, should they become ill?
  • When transferring the children between parents, who will drop them off and who will pick them up?
  • If one parent is late for his or her scheduled time with the kids, does he or she forfeit that time?
  • Will the schedule change when the children are out of school for the summer?
  • Which holidays will the children spend with each parent?
  • Will both parents be allowed to attend the children’s birthday parties, sporting events, etc?
  • When will the children have a chance to spend time with grandparents and other relatives?
  • Will either parent be allowed to take the children on extended vacations, or travel with them out of state?
  • What happens if one parent needs to relocate due to job changes or other issues?

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