Do’s And Don’ts For Clients

When it comes to divorce or paternity matters, it’s critical to take the right actions, in the right order, to reach the best results possible.

I am attorney Beverly L. Brennan, and my mission is to guide you toward a successful outcome. With 30 years of family law experience in the Naples area, I know what works and what doesn’t. Let me provide the experienced legal advice you need to make the most of your future.

Here are a few good things to do:

  1. Pay attention to deadlines. If your paperwork is due in a week, make sure to turn it in on time. This will help you avoid costly delays in the process.
  2. Organize your finances. Whether you are requesting alimony or negotiating a property division agreement, understanding the details of your financial situation is key. Make sure you have copies of all bank records, pay stubs, tax return information, retirement account information and other records.
  3. Follow all court orders. They’re called “orders,” not “suggestions,” for a reason. It’s critical to comply with whatever the court decides, whether it be in regard to financial support payments, parenting time or other matters.

Here are a few important things to avoid:

  1. Don’t return a wrong for a wrong. Two wrongs never make a right. If your ex is failing to comply with a court order, such as by refusing to pay child support, let the court system handle it. It won’t help your case at all to respond by refusing to let the other parent see the kids.
  2. Don’t involve your children in the process. Explain that both parents still love them, and the adults will work everything out. However, don’t make them choose sides, and don’t burden them with the details of the process or badmouth the other parent in their presence. You want to make the situation easier for your kids, not harder.
  3. Don’t take legal advice from non-lawyers. Unless your friends/neighbors/co-workers went to law school, they are not trustworthy sources for legal counsel. Talk with an actual attorney instead.

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