How To Help Your Kids Cope With Divorce

As a parent, you naturally care deeply about your children. You would do anything to ensure that they are safe and happy. During divorce, however, it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion and stress of your marital situation and forget about the impact on your kids.

I am Beverly L. Brennan, and after working for three decades as a family law attorney in the Naples area, I am fully aware of how such major relational changes can affect children. I have also learned a number of important principles that can make the entire process easier for them.

Here are a few of those keys:

  • Don’t make your kids choose sides. The Florida courts and child psychologists agree that kids do best when they have healthy relationships with both parents. This means that regardless of your feelings toward your ex, it’s important to help your children’s relationships with him or her thrive. Don’t make your kids feel bad for wanting to spend time with the other parent or for still loving him or her. It’s not a war, and they shouldn’t have to pick sides.
  • Don’t make them messengers or mediators. It may be challenging for you to interact with your ex, but it’s detrimental to the children to make them the go-betweens. Don’t ask your kid to carry the child support check to the other parent or to request overdue payments. Don’t have your child pass along verbal messages from you. Let your kid simply be a kid.
  • Talk about the issues that matter to them. Your children don’t care about the details of why the marriage failed. They care about how it will directly impact their lives. Will they still get to see you both? Will you still coach their soccer games? At which house will their dog live? Will they have to change schools? Take time to understand your kids’ unique concerns and reassure them.

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