What To Expect At Your First Consultation

If you’re like most people, you’ve never needed the services of a lawyer before. For this reason, you may feel uncertain – and perhaps a bit nervous – about what to expect.

Let me set your mind at ease. When you set up your first consultation with me, attorney Beverly L. Brennan, you can rest assured that you will be treated with understanding and respect. You will meet directly with me, not with a paralegal or case manager, and I will listen to your story. Then, I will explain your legal rights and your options for moving forward.

What To Bring

To save time, I encourage you to fill out an intake form before your first appointment.

In addition, please bring any paperwork from court proceedings in progress. For example, if you were already served with divorce papers, bring those papers along to the consultation.

What NOT To Bring

Part of my job as a lawyer is to advise you on which legal forms to fill out. Don’t waste your time downloading and completing every form you happen to find. Let me explain which ones are relevant to your particular situation. I can also guide you to where to access those particular forms for free online.

Why I Ask For Certain Information

If I ask you for the names of your kids or the name of your spouse/partner, it’s not to be nosy. It’s because I frequently get calls from both sides. If you meet with me, and then later your spouse/partner calls and wants to hire me, I will be able to recognize and avoid a conflict of interest.

I am loyal and will maintain your confidentiality – even if you don’t choose to hire me. You can feel confident that when you talk with me, I will not meet with your spouse/partner or share information about you.

Let’s Arrange A Time To Meet

Are you ready to schedule a consultation about your family law matter? Call the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, P.A., in Collier County today, 239-207-3051 or toll-free at 239-207-3051. You can also reach me by email. I offer evening and weekend appointments by special request.