Resolving Family Law Issues Since 1986

I am Naples family law attorney Beverly L. Brennan. Since 1986, I have been helping individuals and families as they face divorce and other family law challenges.

As a lawyer, I believe that the greatest service I can perform for my clients is helping them see how the decisions they are making now will shape their future and then helping them to achieve that vision for the future. Let me help you craft a new future, too.

Count On Me For Experienced And Compassionate Representation

I focus my practice on the following areas of law:

  • Divorce and property division — Let my experience help you throughout the process, from the initial filing to the final agreement or trial, so you can move forward with your life. Because all marital property is divided during a divorce, I will work to ensure that all marital property is identified and an equitable distribution is made.
  • Custody and parenting plans — Preserving your relationship with your children and the quality of your role in raising them is my mission. I can offer advice on making the process easier on your children. Relocation of children after a divorce can also be a very difficult process. I can help you present your best case to the court, and I can help with other modifications if they are needed.
  • Juvenile dependency/DCF cases — If your children were removed from your home due to allegations of neglect or abuse, let me advocate for you. My goal is to reunite you with your kids, if at all possible.
  • Establishing paternity — Children born outside of a marriage need and deserve two parents. I can help you establish and maintain your relationship with your children.
  • Alimony and/or child support — Financial support is essential to the success of a new household. I can make sure that you receive what you are entitled to.
  • Premarital agreements — Prenuptial agreements can protect personal assets, family businesses and the interests of children from a previous marriage, as well as establish certain rights upon divorce.
  • Domestic violence concerns — If domestic violence is part of your home life or if allegations of domestic violence have been made against you, I can help.
  • Wills and/or powers of attorney — Wills, powers of attorney, living wills and health care proxies all serve to explain your wishes and desires about your future and that of your loved ones.

Are You Ready To Move Forward?

If you are facing a family law challenge such as divorce, child custody or domestic violence, or you are in need of a will, call me at 239-207-3051 or toll-free at 239-207-3051. You can also contact my Collier County office online to schedule your initial consultation.