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Infidelity, emotions and divorce

Couples make the decision to terminate their marriage for diverse reasons. Sometimes, two people are simply incompatible, while others may decide to split up as a result of infidelity. Divorce can generate strong emotions, especially in cases where one person cheated on the other. However, it is very important for those going through this to do what they can to find a favorable outcome. Often, this involves keeping emotions in check and trying to stay cool during the divorce process. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we know this can be quite hard for some couples in Florida.

Looking at divorce from a woman's perspective

Whether you are a woman who is facing divorce-related challenges or you are preparing to split up with your female spouse, it could be helpful to look at divorce from a woman's perspective. During a divorce, all sorts of emotions can arise and people may experience or worry about financial problems, difficulties with children, relocation and a host of other matters. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we know how tricky it can be for people to work through the divorce process and other legal issues involving family law.

What are the penalties for back child support?

From custody disputes to property distribution, the end of a marriage can be challenging in different ways. Sometimes, non-custodial and custodial parents run into hurdles related to child support. In Naples, and all over the state of Florida, it is essential for parents to do what they can to resolve child support issues appropriately. On the one hand, a custodial parent may be experiencing financial difficulties because they are not receiving the child support they are owed. On the other, a non-custodial parent may be unable to pay what they owe, which could lead to harsh penalties.

Back-to-school and working through divorce

Parents encounter an array of challenges involving their children, but back-to-school season can be especially difficult. For those who are in the middle of a divorce, this time of year can be even more complicated. As a result, if you are a parent it is pivotal for you to prepare yourself and your child for some of the hurdles that may arise when it comes to divorce during back-to-school season. We understand the unique challenges that parents in this position may face.

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