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DUI, domestic violence and custody

Parents may work through many difficult issues when they decide to divorce, such as child support, property division and other family law matters. However, custody can be particularly tough and some people may have an especially hard time dealing with child custody matters. For example, victims of domestic violence, as well as those accused of domestic violence (even if they are innocent), can face a number of challenges when it comes to a custody dispute. Moreover, drunk driving charges and other legal issues can impact a custody case also.

Preparing for the emotional side of a custody dispute

When people split up, they may face a number of divorce-related hurdles, such as those which involve money (child support, alimony, property division, etc.). However, divorce cases can bring up especially difficult challenges for couples to work through, such as a dispute over the custody of a child. If you expect to find yourself in a difficult custody dispute, or you are already going through this right now, it is helpful to prepare for the different emotions that may arise. Moreover, if you do struggle with negative emotions during the dispute, which is not uncommon, it is essential to prevent these emotions from hurting your case.

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