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Emotions and the end of a marriage

Family law cases can bring a number of challenges in a person’s life, but some people are also able to find a brighter future and a new beginning. Each case is different and there are all sorts of factors that can affect how a family law case plays out in court. With divorce, there are many different issues that a person may encounter, especially if they have kids. For example, the division of marital property, spousal support, child custody and child support are just some of the legal issues that people may have to work through when they bring their marriage to an end.

Should we have a postnuptial agreement?

The last thing on most minds of newly-married couples in Florida is divorce. They are in love and cannot imagine not being together forever. However, all marriages go through struggles, and if they are not handled properly divorce may be the unfortunate outcome. Whether couples are currently going through some trials and tribulations, or they are still in the honeymoon stage, they may want to consider making a postnuptial agreement to protect them in the future or even protect their marriage.

Parenting tips for gay dads

Parenting is hard work, even when you're a mom or dad in a loving nuclear family. When you're a gay divorced or unmarried father, the hurdles are even higher.

Who pays for a child's medical expenses?

Divorcing couples in Florida have a lot to agree upon, especially if there are children involved. Not only do parents have to determine custody and parenting time, but they also need to figure out support and how the child's bills are going to be paid. A big consideration is health insurance and other medical expenses. Keeping the child's best interest in mind, parents should agree ahead of time who is responsible for what so that the child can get the best care possible without the worry of how it will be paid for.

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