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Managing your finances during a divorce

Usually, deciding to file for divorce is an emotional experience. However, while the heart may fuel the decision-making process, it is important that the brain ensures that the decision will be a wise financial move. Before filing for a Florida divorce, it is important that you carefully consider all of the financial implications. That will allow you to employ a lucrative strategy to safeguard your future.

Summer break and family law issues involving children

If you are dealing with family law issues as a parent, there may be a number of issues you have to consider during the summertime. For example, perhaps you planned a vacation and were planning on taking your child along but are unsure if a custody arrangement will interfere with your plans. Or, perhaps you are thinking about filing for divorce but do not want to ruin your child’s summer break. Regardless of the unique considerations you have, it is crucial to handle family law matters appropriately—especially when children are involved.

Take the right steps to regain custody of your children

There's nothing more heartbreaking than an involuntary separation from your children. Most parents love their children in an intense and powerful way. However, what feels like a healthy and loving relationship can end up misinterpreted by other people. Sometimes, parents in Florida who truly love their children still lose custody of their children to the state.

Going through a divorce during pregnancy

There are many different reasons why people may struggle with a divorce, whether they are worried about the potential financial effects of splitting up with their spouse (being required to pay child support or alimony, property division, and so on) or are stressed out due to a custody battle. For some people, there are unique circumstances that can must be taken into consideration when it comes to the end of a marriage. For example, someone who is pregnant may be particularly worried about how a divorce will affect their life and their newborn.

Why might a parent lose custody of a child?

As a parent of a child, you know that one of the worst things you might experience is having that child removed from your custody. Even in circumstances where you know that you can improve as a parent, it is very likely that you want to keep your child in your custody and make it out of your current difficult season.

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