Filing for divorce as a military family

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Divorce almost always creates certain hurdles for people who have chosen to end their marriage. Sometimes, couples may have a considerable amount of emotional pain and difficulty adjusting to their new lives. In other cases, couples are often upset over legal issues involving the custody of their kids, child support, the division of marital property, and other topics. Regrettably, these challenges can be even more difficult for those who are serving in the military or have a spouse who is a military member.

Our firm recognizes the different reasons why military divorces can be harder. First of all, military service sometimes creates unique challenges in families, whether a parent is required to spend a significant amount of time away from his or her children or a married couple struggles with a lack of communication or time apart. Those dealing with a military divorce may be unsure of how to approach the process of ending marriage, especially if a spouse is stationed in another state or deployed outside of the country.

Custody battles, child support arrangements, and other family law matters can be hard for any couple to work through. However, they can be even harder for those who are in the military or married to a man or woman who is serving. If you have questions related to divorce or want to ensure that your children’s interests are protected, it is important to take the right steps forward.

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