Seasonal affective disorder and the divorce process

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Seasonal affective disorder can lead to a wide range of challenges, which can be particularly tough for those who are ending their marriage. From depression to constantly feeling fatigued, SAD can be tricky, especially if you are approaching the process of divorce. By recognizing the consequences of this condition, you may be able to prevent SAD from interfering with your ability to work towards a fair and favorable outcome during the end of your marriage, if you are facing any of these challenges on a personal level. People who suffer from SAD and other challenges, such as PTSD, should not feel as if they are trapped in their marriage.

There are a number of strategies that might help if you have this disorder and are concerned about how it will affect your divorce. If you are able to minimize the symptoms of SAD, this could be very helpful. Moreover, by giving yourself a clear understanding of the challenges you are facing or may encounter with the end of your marriage, you might have a sense of security and more confidence in the decisions you make. You should try to keep this disorder from having a negative impact on your divorce, if possible. Furthermore, you might find that ending your marriage could ultimately lead to a brighter future, which may be very helpful if you are struggling with depression or other emotional difficulties.

Even though some people allow SAD to get in the way of their divorce, or even prevent them from splitting up with their spouse altogether, you should do your best to keep SAD from disrupting your life. Head over to our divorce section for more on family law matters.

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