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Helping families and individuals since 1986
Helping families and individuals since 1986

April 2017 Archives

Preparing for divorce when you have a high net worth

For people who come from all backgrounds, splitting up with a spouse can be challenging. After all, a number of questions may be on the table, such as who will get custody of the kids or how marital assets will be split up. At the Naples, Florida Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we are very familiar with the unique difficulties that those with a high net worth may encounter when working through the divorce process.

Unpaid child support and passport applications

When it comes to back child support, many people realize certain consequences, such as wage garnishment and arrest. However, in Naples, Florida, and the entire U.S., parents who fall far enough behind on their child support are affected in other ways as well. For example, they could lose their ability to leave the country for work purposes or personal travel.

Can co-parenting be adaptable and amicable?

For many Florida parents who are undergoing divorce proceedings, some of the first questions they ask are about their children. Navigating your way through the complexities of separation takes superior importance when facing concerns for the well-being and adjustment of your children. Co-parenting in particular is an agreement that must be determined by both you and your spouse. When carefully approached, negotiations can result in a positive arrangement that benefits you and more importantly, your children.

Why paying child support is important in Florida divorces

When you're going through a divorce, a lot of emotions can surface. If you and your former spouse don't agree on custody, things could become contentious very quickly. When your spouse files for divorce, he or she generally gets to ask the courts for temporary custody during the divorce. This can leave your time with your child relegated to the weekends and occasional weeknights. If your spouse stayed at home with the children, you may be required to pay spousal support in addition to child support. It can be tempting to refuse to pay until the courts finalize your divorce.

Is spousal support taxable?

If you are anticipating the divorce process, multiple concerns may be on your mind. For example, you may be worried about paying or receiving child support or going through a possible custody dispute. In Naples, and across Florida, spousal support can be especially challenging for some couples and additional responsibilities may arise because of alimony. With the arrival of tax season, it is very important to understand any divorce-related obligations you may have with the Internal Revenue Service.