Preparing for divorce when you have a high net worth

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For people who come from all backgrounds, splitting up with a spouse can be challenging. After all, a number of questions may be on the table, such as who will get custody of the kids or how marital assets will be split up. At the Naples, Florida Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we are very familiar with the unique difficulties that those with a high net worth may encounter when working through the divorce process.

High asset divorces can be even more complicated for a wide variety of reasons. For example, there may be much more at stake due to your sizable bank accounts, the amount of real estate you own, sports cars, expensive art and other assets. In addition to splitting up marital property, you may have concerns about other financial issues related to divorce, such as spousal support and your child support obligations as you move forward.

If you are in this position, preparing for your divorce and doing everything you can to fully assess your options is imperative. If you are ready for the hurdles you may face in court or while working through other aspects of divorce, you might be able to achieve an outcome that is more favorable. If you have children, it is particularly important to make your divorce easier for them and stay committed to securing an end result that is healthy.

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