Can co-parenting be adaptable and amicable?

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For many Florida parents who are undergoing divorce proceedings, some of the first questions they ask are about their children. Navigating your way through the complexities of separation takes superior importance when facing concerns for the well-being and adjustment of your children. Co-parenting in particular is an agreement that must be determined by both you and your spouse. When carefully approached, negotiations can result in a positive arrangement that benefits you and more importantly, your children.

The Parent Herald quoted an internationally-known divorce expert who encouraged divorcing parents to consider alternate means of reaching an agreement on co-parenting instead of resorting to court intervention. When you base your parenting decisions and arrangements off of others’ suggestions, the written court order could create tension and the need to follow stringent requirements in visitation and parenting. You are also at a higher risk of feeling locked in to a legal contract if you aren’t are not willing to go through the process of changing it over time. On the contrary, if you and your spouse use mediation to reach a cordial agreement, you can create an arrangement that is more likely to benefit your children and their changing needs over the years.

One divorcing mother shared how she and her husband were able to maintain a flexible co-parenting schedule. By keeping details vague in court documents, your arrangement is better able to adapt to changing needs and situations. Another mom encouraged parents to always be willing to compromise because custody arrangements will undoubtedly require modification depending on the growth of each of your children and their stage in life.

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