Post-divorce relocation and its impact on children

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Each year, many Floridian couples defer to divorce as a solution to deteriorating relationships and continual disagreements. Unfortunately, many of these couples have children who are severely impacted by court proceedings and impending outcomes. One of the most significant changes that children must cope with is the relocation of one or both of their parents.

The Huffington Post suggests some considerations that divorcing parents should make when discussing relocation plans and determining where children will live. These include the following:

  • Whether or not they are able to effectively co-parent their children, and if they will be able to maintain positive and consistent contact despite the distance.
  • How each child relates with parents, and if an attachment to one parent will impact a child’s health if separated from them.
  • The purpose of the move and determining that it is for the benefit of both parents and children, and not an effort to cause conflict or jealousy.
  • The age of the children involved, especially because young children are still developing attachment and even a little distance can greatly impact their relationship with the relocated parent.
  • The location a child prefers to live at, as well as which parent they would rather live with.
  • How far the relocating parent will be moving, and how this move will impact a child’s routine, contact and relationship with the relocated parent.

According to Psychology Today, parents should put their children’s best interest ahead of any other desires when formulating relocation plans. Parents must remember that what could seem like a manageable distance to them, can often seem immeasurable to children who have a different perspective of distance.

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