Divorce and post-traumatic stress disorder

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From allegations of infidelity to domestic violence, there are all sorts of reasons why a couple may decide to terminate their marriage. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we are aware of some of the other issues that can cause a couple to split up, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have PTSD, or if you are married to someone with PTSD and anticipate that you will be splitting up, it is vital to carefully approach the divorce process.

Unfortunately, some people who have PTSD may experience unique challenges, which can create complications in their marriage. Whether they decide to file for a divorce or their spouse no longer wishes to be married, this can be a very difficult time for couples who may already be dealing with strong emotions and other hardships. Our law firm knows how upsetting this can be and we believe it is vital for those who are going through these difficulties to know their rights and do what they can to work towards a healthier outcome, which is especially important for a couple who has children together.

Although PTSD can be very difficult to deal with, some people are able to achieve an end result that is more positive by maintaining their emotions and being fully prepared for any obstacles that may arise during their divorce, such as disagreements over child support, the distribution of property or custody.

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