High asset divorce and your family business

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All sorts of hurdles related to divorce can create challenges for couples, from child custody disputes to spousal support. At the Law Offices of Beverly L. Brennan, we know that divorce can be particularly challenging for those with a high net worth. With more at stake, property division can be complicated and you may be unsure how divorce will affect your family business. In Naples, and in cities around Florida, it is pivotal for couples who are facing these hurdles to go over their case carefully.

If you and your marital partner are discussing divorce but are unsure how it will affect your family business, you may want to try to work through the divorce process amicably, if you can. Moreover, a business valuation is often necessary in order to ensure that marital property is divided properly between each party. You and your spouse’s contributions, as well as the assets of your business, will need to be taken into consideration.

Aside from family businesses, other divorce-related issues that can wreak havoc for those who have a high net worth include the division of real estate, retirement accounts, bank accounts and even items with sentimental value or expensive artwork. Throughout the entire process of divorce, you should know your rights and commit yourself to securing an outcome that is favorable.

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