Divorce and identity theft

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If you are preparing to end your marriage, various hurdles may lie ahead. Whether you are worried about the financial ramifications that could come with calling the marriage off or you are unsure of how custody will be awarded, this can be a hard time. However, there are other facets of divorce that you may want to consider. For example, some people have become victims of identity theft after splitting up with their spouse. Our law firm knows how emotional divorce cases can be and we have also seen the extreme actions that some people carry out.

So, how can divorce increase the chances of identity theft? Often, a spouse has access to their partner’s sensitive information, such as their date of birth, social security number, credit card number, financial accounts, and other types of information that could be harmful in the wrong hands. Although it may be hard for some people to picture their formal marital partner as an identity thief, these problems can sometimes arise when things go sour. Moreover, this information can be shared with other people, such as an in-law, who may misuse it. From the opening of fake accounts to draining funds, identity theft can be very hard and make life even more challenging for someone who has been through a divorce recently.

Although family law issues can be challenging to work through, you should try to have a sense of hope and know your different options. Our divorce section offers more information on different aspects of the divorce process, which you may want to go over.

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