What are the consequences of back spousal support?

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We have covered many different family law matters throughout this blog, from child support delinquency to custody issues. However, it is important to bear in mind that other hurdles which may not receive as much attention, such as unpaid spousal support, can also create various challenges for people. If you have fallen behind on your spousal support obligations or fear that you will no longer be able to pay what you owe, it is crucial to realize the potential consequences you may face and go over any options that could help you avoid delinquency. Or, if you are already behind, you may want to review potential strategies to address your circumstances, such as modification or a payment plan.

Falling behind on spousal support can create financial difficulties for those who are not receiving payments. Moreover, it can lead to a great deal of stress for both parties and damage the reputation of those who fall behind on their payments. According to material put forward by the Internal Revenue Service, spousal support delinquency can also lead to one’s tax refund being offset. If your tax refund is offset, this can be very frustrating and it may also generate quite a bit of anxiety, which underlines the importance of preventing this problem.

Handling family law hurdles can be difficult for a variety of reasons, from unfamiliarity with the law to emotional issues. However, maintaining your focus and moving forward appropriately is a must. Keep in mind that no part of this writing constitutes legal assistance.

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