What are the signs that divorce is the only answer?

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No one ever said that the decision to separate from your spouse would be an easy one. In fact, even the victims of abuse often have a hard time making the difficult choice to end their marriages.

If you are considering divorce seriously, then it means there’s definitely a problem with your marriage. Is that problem severe enough to warrant ending it? Perhaps asking yourself the following questions will help you reach a decision.

Questions that help you know if you’re ready for divorce

Consider your answers to the questions that follow as carefully as possible:

  • What have you done to fix your relationship? There are many things that spouses can do to bridge the gap that has grown between them. Marriage counseling, visiting a psychologist and other mental health strategies like this can be enormously beneficial. Sometimes, simply starting an exercise routine as a way to blow off steam and get some “me” time is all that a relationship requires. However, if a lot has been done to fix the situation, and the problems continue, couples may need to consider divorce.
  • Are you safe from abuse? Whether it’s emotional, physical, financial or sexual abuse, the abused person needs to get away from the abused spouse immediately – no question about it. It is possible for spouses to repair their marriages after experiencing abuse, but the best solution could be looking at the situation realistically. Also, abuse victims need to take steps to ensure that they remove themselves from their residences safely.
  • Are you prepared for the reality of divorce? The reality of being a single person is not something that everyone thinks about prior to filing for divorce. There are, however, the emotional realities of living alone, the financial realities of paying your own way without splitting expenses and other factors that are vital to think about.

Understanding what to expect in your divorce

Learning more about the divorce process will also help you make your decision. A better understanding of divorce law will assist in determining what will happen in your divorce in terms of asset division, child custody and other matters.

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