Establishing paternity to spend time with your child

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On this blog, we have gone over some of the different benefits of paternity establishment, such as providing a custodial parent with the financial support they depend on and allowing children to access crucial information. However, paternity can be advantageous from a father’s standpoint as well. For example, a father may wish to establish paternity in order to spend more time with their child. Our law firm realizes that these issues can be incredibly stressful, especially for those who are unsure about their ability to maintain a relationship with their child in the future.

Establishing paternity is especially crucial for those who are seeking visitation rights to their child even though they are not considered the father from a legal standpoint. A couple who had kids out of wedlock may find themselves in this position, for example. Often, paternity is established through a DNA test, although this is not the only way to establish fatherhood. Regardless, it is paramount for fathers who have these concerns to take action and do what they can to ensure the ability to see their children.

Once paternity has been established, a father may feel relieved knowing that they have taken an important step towards securing their ability to visit their child. Understandably, fathers may have all sorts of questions with regard to the process. Browse to our law office’s section on paternity if you would like to read through more material concerning unmarried parents, parenting plans, and other topics that are related to paternity.

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