Ending your marriage over an emotional affair

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Divorce |

There are all sorts of factors that can contribute to a couple’s decision to split up, whether the decision is mutual or one party is determined to move on from the marriage. Infidelity is a major reason why many couples end their marriage and people do not always have affairs that are physical in nature, but some may be emotional. In the digital age, there are many different apps and new methods of communication, such as video chat, which can make it easier for people to have these types of affairs with others from across the globe.

If you found out that your partner was having an emotional affair, you may be devastated. Anger, depression and anxiety may arise in the wake of this discovery and you could be affected by this affair to such an extent that you no longer want to remain married. In some cases, couples are able to work through these issues through counseling, while no level of counseling may help others continue on in the marriage.

If you are certain that divorce is best, it is important to approach the process from the right angle—especially if you have kids. There are many different legal aspects involving family law and the way in which they are handled can have a massive impact on your future and your children as well. We understand how difficult divorce matters can be, especially for someone who is hurt following their spouse’s affair, but you should try to maintain your focus.

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