Focusing on your divorce in the midst of other challenges

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When a married couple decides that the time has come to bring things to an end, there may be many areas of uncertainty. For example, questions could arise regarding family law issues which involve children, such as child support or a dispute over custody. Financial issues may also become problematic, especially for couples with considerable assets. Property division, alimony and many other family law issues can create challenges for couples in this position. Sometimes, external stressors which have nothing to do with family law can further complicate matters, and it is important to make sure that these challenges do not interfere with your divorce.

For example, you or your spouse may be struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or you could be going through emotional hardships after relocating recently. You may be having a hard time due to a cancer diagnosis or some other health issue, or there could be any number of other hurdles that you have to try to work through. Unfortunately, these difficulties can get in the way of family law cases. They may leave people with high anxiety and take up a considerable amount of free time, negatively impacting one’s ability to obtain a favorable end result in court.

By setting aside these external challenges and making sure that you devote enough time and energy to your divorce, you may be more likely to find an outcome that is in your best interests and, if you are a parent, the best interests of your kids as well.

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