Leaving an abusive marriage

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For some people, the decision to file for a divorce may be based on a simple desire to part ways because the partnership is not compatible, or someone has found a new partner. For others, such as those who have been subjected to domestic violence, the decision to divorce may be based on a serious need to protect oneself. If you have experienced domestic violence, it is pivotal for you to know all of the options that you may have to ensure the well-being of yourself as well as your children. Moreover, you should carefully approach the process of divorce and other family law issues that may arise (such as a dispute over custody).

Regrettably, many people have been subjected to abuse at the hands of their spouse or have witnessed their children be abused by their marital partner. This can be terrifying and unfortunately, some people are too afraid to leave their marriage because they worry that there will be repercussions. You should know that there are a number of steps that domestic violence victims can take to protect themselves, such as obtaining a restraining order, and that living in fear of being abused is unacceptable.

Some domestic violence victims may have a particularly hard time working through their divorce due to stress and other emotional challenges. You should not let these strong emotions derail your divorce plans and there are different ways you could make your divorce easier, such as having a clear understanding of your rights and legal options.

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