The importance of compliance in juvenile dependency cases

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Most parents would do anything for their children. Even when parents struggle to make the right choices, they still typically love their kids. Sadly, poor decision-making in adulthood can sometimes lead to issues for the entire family. If a parent faces accusations of abuse, addiction or neglect of the children, the State of Florida could step in and terminate that parents rights to the children.

The kids can then end up placed in foster care or perhaps with a family member. The whole experience can be stressful and traumatizing for everyone involved, especially if the children are very young. For parents who have lost their legal right to their children, getting it back can be an urgent matter. Thankfully, the Florida family courts typically create a clear pathway for parents to follow if they wish to terminate a juvenile dependency or regain custody of your children.

The courts expect you to address the issue that resulted in loss of custody

Every family situation is unique, and the courts could terminate your parental rights for a wide range of reasons, ranging from accusations by someone else to issues with addiction or anger management. The courts will tell you what reason they have for opening a juvenile dependency case regarding your children.

While you may not agree with their assessment, it is important to understand what reasoning the courts had for initiating these proceedings. When dealing with the family courts, knowledge is power. Once you understand why the courts chose to terminate custody, you will have the ability to address that issue and take steps to regain custody. Typically, showing improvement in the areas of concern is the best way to regain custody.

Even if you don’t agree, get the help the courts want you to get

You may not think that you need to attend a substance abuse program or take parenting classes. Unfortunately, the courts do not agree with that perspective, as they would have remained uninvolved in your family life if they did.

Don’t let pride complicate your situation. While you may feel that you were unfairly treated, it will be nearly impossible to convince the courts of that. Instead, the fastest route to regaining custody is to comply with the court’s requests. Attending therapy, committing to counseling and even going to special classes can all bolster your case for regaining custody of your kids.

The time and the expense involved in compliance is minuscule compared with the benefit of being able to care for and live with your children again. There are often many nuances to these sorts of cases, and it is very important that you present your case for terminating a juvenile dependency in Florida very carefully. Getting the right help is critical to getting your family back together.

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