How can I talk to my child about divorce?

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Parents in Florida faced with divorce often find it difficult breaking the news to their kids. In this case, how you talk about your divorce can have a real affect on the emotional impact it has on your children, as well as on their relationship with you and your ex. Accordingly, offers the following tips to assist you when talking to your kids about divorcee.

Emphasize safety and security

Many children are afraid of change, especially as it pertains to their families. That’s why you must address these issues early on, particularly when it comes to your living situation. Emphasize to your kids that they will still be safe and secure, even if you end up moving homes. Also, don’t hide information from your kids in an attempt to shield them from bad news. This will only increase feelings of insecurity about the situation.

Keep it simple

With younger kids, keep language simple and concise so they understand just what you’re saying. You don’t need to delve into great detail about the situation, especially when it comes to problems between you and your former spouse that led to the end of your marriage. Instead, reiterate that you both love your kids very much, but you’re better off living apart.

Make sure kids know it’s not their fault

Some children place blame on themselves when marriages end. Make sure your kids understand that in no way was it their fault. You should provide this information when you initially break the news and reinforce it often to ensure your kids fully comprehend that they hold no responsibility for what happened. When breaking the news, having your ex present can help shore up this message. While that may be tough to do when feelings are still tumultuous, children are often reassured when both parents present a united front. 

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