Is legal separation right for you?

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Floridian couples like you may have come to the conclusion that you want to split from your partner. However, you may be wondering if divorce is the only answer – or if it’s the right option for your unique situation. Fortunately for you, there are actually a number of options to choose from.

One such potential option is defined by FindLaw. It’s called legal separation, and it can be good to look into if you want the benefit of being separated from your partner while still maintaining your marriage status.

Maintaining a marriage can be beneficial for many people. For example, some religions ban divorce. Other people may want to continue sharing retirement benefits, social security, and so on. Unfortunately, those types of shared benefits are all lost as soon as you get a divorce.

Legal separation is a good option if you don’t plan on getting remarried any time soon, and if you don’t mind on staying legally married to your current spouse. However, a legal separation is different from temporary separations in that you can still determine things like child custody and splitting finances. This separation is intended to be permanent, and would be best used with someone who has no intention of getting back together with their spouse, rather than just needing “a break”.

Whether or not legal separation is right for any one person depends on many different factors. You will need to determine for yourself if it’s good for you, and may also want to speak to an attorney who can look at your situation from a legal standpoint.

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