How can I deal with conflict during the holidays?

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While the holidays are thought to be a time of joy and celebration, this is not always the case. For recently divorced people in Florida, the holiday season can be rife with conflict and bad feelings. That’s why Very Well Mind offers the following tips, which can help you navigate family issues wherever they arise.

Have your own celebration

When hosting your own celebration, you’re free to invite the people who add the most meaning to your life. This can include friends as well as family, especially those who are unlikely to start a fight or cause drama. You can also have a celebration with just you and your kids. This will allow you to enjoy the true meaning of the holiday while reducing stress.

Take turns visiting relatives

Of course, if you must visit relatives consider taking turns with your ex. For instance, you can have the kids for Christmas while your ex gets them for New Year’s Eve. This reduces some of the stress associated with scheduling, as it can be tough to visit multiple people on a single day. Also, taking turns means avoiding in-laws, who you might not be ready to see so soon after your divorce.

Prepare yourself

There are some situations where conflict simply can’t be avoided. In this case, try to prepare yourself for issues before they occur. If you have a relative that constantly makes negative remarks about you, try to keep a sense of humor about their statements. If family pry into your personal life, only provide as much information as you feel comfortable and deflect further questions. While you can’t control other people’s behavior, you can control your response.

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