Seasonal affective disorder and child custody

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There are countless factors to consider with respect to child custody and no two cases are identical. Many different aspects of a parent’s life could impact their ability to secure full or partial custody of their child, and the custody process (especially if a heated dispute occurs) could impact them in various ways. In this post, we will look into various issues related to seasonal affective disorder, a hurdle that many parents have to work through during the winter months, and custody.

With extremely cold temperatures, a lack of sunlight and other challenges associated with the winter, it is no wonder that many people struggle with seasonal affective disorder and become depressed or withdrawn during the winter months. Unfortunately, this can have an adverse impact on life in multiple ways, from creating problems at work to negatively affecting a parent’s pursuit of custody. Moreover, if a ruling regarding child custody is unfavorable, this could cause a parent to become even more depressed during the winter.

If you struggle with seasonal affective disorder or are upset as a result of stress due to a looming custody decision, it is imperative for you to explore the options you may have and do all you can to protect your child’s best interests. We completely recognize how difficult this can be, especially for a parent who is already dealing with difficulties brought on by seasonal affective disorder. However, it is pivotal to stay focused and think about the future, and our section on custody offers more material related to the custody process.

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