The pain of ‘feeling’ after a divorce

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When someone has decided to end their marriage and pursue a divorce in Florida, the challenges they are facing can often be unnerving and overwhelming. Processing the significant change that has taken place, grieving the loss of a once-cherished relationship and coming to terms with an uncertain future can take time. Often, people are required to process these difficult emotions while managing the details of their divorce including child custody and relocation.

For many, it may be difficult to assess the exact cause of the underlying sadness they feel that at times, is so intense that it can be debilitating and cause feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. According to Live About, there are several reasons why people may experience pain after their divorce including feelings of failure and guilt over their inability to maintain or save their marriage. They may also struggle to accept that the future they had once been so excited about living is now pieces that need to be picked up and rebuilt.

One way that people can cope with the changes in their life is to rediscover themselves and take time to redefine their life and the goals they wish to achieve. WebMD suggests that people work carefully through their feelings, including asking for professional help where needed. As people begin to grow into their new role, they should embrace their new life and responsibilities. If they have been considering trying a new hobby or developing a new trait for some time, now is an excellent time to pursue those passions to provide some distraction from the emotional turmoil that often is a part of getting divorced.

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