How can I make a solid parenting schedule?

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Creating a parenting schedule can be tough for divorced couples who share custody of their kids. However, it’s important that your schedule accommodates all involved, as it will be your guide when issues arise regarding scheduling and other child-rearing matters. Very Well Family offers the following tips on devising a solid parenting schedule that works. 

Don’t assume you’re the authority

If you were the primary caregiver during your marriage, it’s natural to assume you’re the authority on parenting matters. With a divorce, both parents must get up to speed quickly, which means your former spouse will also need to make important decisions. While you may have more insight, don’t automatically take control over the process. Instead, work with your ex to pass along some of your knowledge. 

Take your child’s activities into account

Your child should be at the center of all discussions related to scheduling. For instance, if your child has a lot of extracurricular activities, you’ll need to work out transportation to and from. Letting logic dictate these decisions can make them a bit easier. If your ex lives closer to the area where an activity is taking place, it might make sense that he or she is responsible for transportation, in this case. 

Don’t look at it as a battle

A parenting schedule isn’t about winning or losing. The sole focus should be on what’s best for your child, so keep any squabbles or resentments to yourself. Be willing to compromise when necessary, and hopefully your former spouse is willing to do the same. Also, don’t be reluctant to change a schedule when necessary. This is often the case as your child grows older, which might mean that he or she wants to spend more time with friends. 

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