Supervised visits aren’t ideal; make the most of your time

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Parents who divorce sometimes do so because of claims of domestic abuse. This is a very serious claim that should only be made when it is factual. One of the reasons is that a parent who is being accused of domestic violence might not be able to spend time with their children like they want.

For some parents, there is a court order that they must have someone watching them with their children. This is known as supervised visitation and usually means that the child won’t have overnight visits with the children. There are a few points about this supervised parenting time that you need to remember.

Supervisors can vary

The supervisor, or person watching your visits with the children, are appointed by the court. For some people, a family member is the person chosen to do this. In other cases, the person is a professional, such as someone who works for a state agency for children. Typically, the court will approve more than one person to serve as the supervisor.

Visits can be fun

The visits that you have with your children should be a time for you to make fun memories. One thing that can impact the atmosphere is where the visit is held. In some instances, you may have a specific location where it must be held.

You need to focus on having a good time with your children. This isn’t really the time to dwell on the negatives. Instead, think about what your child enjoys doing that you can do with them. You might consider taking time to watch a movie or go to a special event. Just remember that your supervisor must go with you, so plan for how admission will be handled.

Make all the visits

There is a schedule of when you can spend time with your children for these supervised visits. You should follow this schedule as much as possible. Try not to miss unless you have to, such as if you are sick and contagious. Still, you should be flexible because there might be times when the child can’t make a visit. Try to reschedule all missed visits so you have time to spend with your children.

Your court order contains the vital information you need about your parenting time. Review it often so you know what rights and responsibilities you have. Also, plan for the times when you will be able to try to get more visiting hours or the possibility of having the supervision removed.

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