Florida may change custody and alimony laws

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The Florida Legislature is once again considering a bill that would make sweeping changes in the areas of alimony and child custody. The bill would both end permanent alimony in the state and institute a rebuttable presumption that custody between the parents will be split 50-50 when there is a divorce.

New governor leads to third chance at passage

The legislature has already passed this bill twice, but it was vetoed by the governor both times. Now, there is a new governor and the sponsor of the legislation has made some changes to the bill amending provisions that led to the veto. The bill has sparked passions on both ends of the debate so it remains to be seen whether it will pass on the third try.

Permanent alimony could be a thing of the past in FL

The bill would end the legal provision of permanent alimony in the state. There would still be alimony, but it would be temporary for a limited time. Many people have to work well past retirement age to meet the obligations imposed on them by the court.

In addition, fathers and mothers would split custody down the middle in terms of time unless one side makes a showing that this presumption should not apply. This could account for situations in which one parent was not fit or if other extenuating circumstances apply. Nonetheless, 50-50 would be the norm unless something else was proven.

Bill would impact future divorces

If you’re planning a divorce, this bill may affect your future. A family law attorney could keep you informed of the status of this law as it progresses through the legislature. Furthermore, legal counsel can look after the best interests of you and your family through the divorce process.

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