How to help children get through a divorce

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When married couples with children decide to divorce, regardless of why, the biggest concern for most parents is the well-being of their children. Most divorces are not pleasant, even less so when trying to negotiate issues such as parenting time and child support, but parents in Florida can help their children come through the process by keeping in mind the most important issues from a child development standpoint.

Children need to know that they will continue to have a close and loving relationship with each of their parents. Worrying that they will hurt one parent’s feelings by being close to the other is anxiety-provoking and damaging to children. Parents should make sure that their children are free to share the details of their life with the other parent without facing backlash or criticism.

Another important issue for children is the holiday schedule. Children want to know where they will be spending their holidays and that divorce doesn’t mean the end of their beloved traditions. Schedules, including when and where transitions will occur, should be put on a calendar and made available to everyone. Parents should try to get along well enough so that both can attend important events in their children’s lives, such as their birthdays.

Lastly, children need consistent rules. When the rules vary widely from house to house, it is confusing. Children thrive on consistency and knowing that what’s allowed or forbidden in one household is disciplined in the other household as well. Though it can be a challenge for divorcing parents to reach a consensus on these issues, as well as matters such as child custody and visitation, it is crucial for the children’s welfare that they do so. Seeking the help of a lawyer experienced in family law may make the process easier for everyone involved.

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