Consider a prenuptial agreement before marriage

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In the past, many people getting married in Florida simply did not want to talk about a prenuptial agreement. The truth is that this is a conversation that you almost can’t afford not to have. If you are bringing assets into the marriage, they are at risk in a divorce if you do not have the protection that a prenuptial agreement gives.

More millennials are signing prenuptial agreements

It is millennials who are driving the increased popularity of prenuptial agreements. For starters, they are choosing to get married later in life. This means that they have more assets going into a relationship. Accordingly, they are risking more when they choose to tie the knot. In addition, many millennials have student loan debt and want the certainty of knowing what happens to that debt in a divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can work for middle-class people too

In the past, many people thought that prenuptial agreements were only necessary if one or both spouses were bringing a large number of family assets into the marriage. However, more people are discussing these agreements even if they have a more moderate level of wealth that they accumulated on their own. Perhaps fear of divorce is driving this as some millennials grew up watching their parents get divorced and fighting over the assets. People simply do not want to leave these issues to the court’s decision anymore. Thus, they are opting for prenuptial agreements that protect both partners.

If you are contemplating marriage, you might be doing yourself a disservice if you do not explore the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. While it seems odd to visit a divorce attorney before you even get married, they would be the one to assist you in drafting and negotiating this agreement. The costs of not having a prenuptial agreement are too high, and the reward is the peace of mind you get from knowing that any divorce would be orderly.

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