How to balance a job and divorce

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Chances are that Florida spouses going through a divorce are also employees, so they must balance the emotional demands of their divorce along with their duties at work. The onus for doing so falls on them as job demands remain the same regardless of what someone is going through at home.

There are two ways for an employee to ensure that they do not end up in trouble with their boss. The first is through communication with their supervisor. Even if a person is not friendly with their boss, it is in their best interest to have a conversation with their superior to alert them to what is going on outside of work. Without that context, the supervisor will only be seeing the employee’s job performance, which could be dropping off due to the emotional turmoil of the divorce.

The second way to sustain job performance during a divorce is to make efforts to properly heal from the divorce and deal with the stresses that arise. The sooner one adopts a spirit of forgiveness and healing in their personal life, the sooner they can begin to recover in all aspects of their life, including work. A positive outlook can keep the divorce from overtaking every aspect of an employee’s life and help make them more effective on the job, even while the divorce is happening.

One way to hasten the healing process is to either bring the conflict phase of the divorce to a close more quickly or to insulate the employee from the day-to-day details of the divorce. Hiring a divorce attorney may minimize one’s involvement in the hands-on aspect of the divorce and free them to focus on the emotional issues that must be dealt with when going through the divorce process.

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