Divorce and parenting schedules

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People in Florida should know why divorces can be so difficult. It’s not just about dividing property equitably. Child custody agreements can be some of the most difficult negotiations any couple will ever endure. Luckily, there are some good tips available that make creating a parenting plan easier than it might sound.

Think like your child

Divorces can be heated. After all, marriages are serious business, and ending one is not a small step. One of the best ways to approach a parenting plan is to consider it from the child’s point of view. Don’t make it about your ex and their negative qualities. Instead, make it about your child and what they want and what will benefit them.

Be practical

Everyone who works in family law would love to see the day when true 50/50 custody schedules are the norm. But usually, especially with older, busier children, that’s just not the case.

A parenting schedule should strive for equity, but it also needs to be practical. Think realistically about how much time and money transportation between homes will take. For parents who will be living in the same town, try to keep the same childcare providers and activity schedule if it’s possible.

Be specific

Sometimes, it can sound convenient to stipulate in the schedule that specific conditions will be devised later. This can be a terrible idea. It’s better to iron everything out and have something specific in writing before agreeing to sign a parenting plan.

If you are having difficulty negotiating a custody agreement, it’s a good idea to talk to your lawyer. Mediation is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for every family going through a divorce.

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