Who needs a prenuptial agreement?

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More couples across Florida and other U.S. states are filing prenuptial agreements to protect themselves and their assets against the risk of divorce. Prenup agreements might seem like they’re reserved for the rich or extremely wealthy. However, any marriage centers around the joining of assets, so every couple should consider filing for a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage.

With prenuptial agreements becoming more common, looking into who really needs this type of legal protection could be beneficial. Couples who come from financially successful families may be more likely to be a catalyst for a prenup. In addition, anyone who is looking to begin a business should consider seeking the protection of a prenup.

Not every marriage is a first-time event. An individual who is entering a new marriage with kids from a previous marriage should file a prenup. In the event of a divorce or an unexpected passing, having a clear course of action about which assets will go to the children is highly important. Similarly, couples can file a prenuptial to provide security in case of death. An agreement can simplify the process of defining what the surviving spouse would be entitled to should the unexpected happen.

Prenuptial agreements can also go a long way in preventing a messy, long and drawn-out divorce. Although it might seem unusual for couples who are planning to get married to think about a potential divorce, a prenup can be a useful tool when it comes to the division of assets or alimony. In the event of divorce, the agreement could serve as a sort of insurance policy that safeguards both individuals’ finances if things don’t work out.

If you’re entering into a marriage, a prenup could keep you and your future spouse protected in an array of ways. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney who has experience in crafting prenuptial agreements could be helpful.

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