Why do fathers lose child custody?

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Contrary to popular belief, full custody isn’t automatically awarded to women in divorce cases. In fact, many fathers in Florida have received full custody after filing for divorce from their spouse. However, certain actions and behaviors can cause fathers to lose custody. Here are some of the most common reasons why fathers lose custody of their children.

Why do fathers lose custody of their children?

Child abuse is the most common reason why fathers lose custody of their children. No child can be kept in an abusive home for any reason. The father might have won the child custody battle in court, but if it can be proven that he abused the child, the child might be sent to live with their mother instead. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse can all result in a child being removed from a home.

Many fathers also lose custody due to substance abuse. If the father abuses alcohol or illegal drugs, he might be deemed an unfit parent. This even includes legal substances like tobacco, cigarettes, vapes and prescription drugs. On a similar note, a father might lose custody if he seems to lead a “reckless” lifestyle. If a man gets back on the dating scene shortly after his divorce and frequently brings strange women around his kids, the court might rule that the mother should have custody instead.

How may an attorney assist with child custody battles?

An attorney may offer assistance with parenting plans and custody battles. For most parents, their first instinct might be to file for full custody. An attorney may ask questions to help them determine if full custody is the best option for their lifestyle. Additionally, an attorney might help them navigate the challenges of co-parenting with their former spouse. An attorney may also assist their client if they believe their former spouse is an unfit parent.

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