Why do second and third marriages often end in divorce?

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Unfortunately, around half of all marriages in Florida and across the United States end in divorce. Many people who have gone through a divorce feel that their chance of a successful remarriage is high. The reality, however, is that second and third marriages have an even greater divorce rate than that of first marriages.

Although every couple’s relationship and background is unique, there are a few common explanations for why second and third marriages don’t last. One of the biggest stumbling blocks of remarriage is leftover baggage from a divorce. Individuals who decide to walk down the aisle again may be carrying rejection, pain and stress from their last relationship without even knowing it. These hidden stressors can quickly bring discord to a new marriage.

Out of a feeling of loneliness, some people decide to remarry without taking the time to really get to know their soon-to-be new spouse. It’s highly important to understand how a person reacts to financial issues, criticism, stress and tough times before deciding to marry him or her. The best way to approach any new relationship is to take the process slowly, so you can make a truly informed decision.

Entering into a new romantic partnership is hard enough. When stepchildren are involved, marriage matters can become even more complicated. Learning to live with someone else’s kids can definitely take a toll, which could result in strain in a new marriage. In some instances, children will make a concerted effort to make things more difficult on purpose out of an attempt to get their parents back together. In a blended family setting, it can also be hard to adjust to dealing with a new partner’s ex.

Going through a divorce can be a complicated process that’s riddled with many ups and downs. If you’re facing this situation, consider seeking the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney.

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