How to make joint custody work

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Joint custody is the term assigned to a court-ordered agreement where a judge issues guardianship of children to both divorced parents. While this is certainly a better option for everyone involved, divorced parents in Florida should take some steps to ensure that the joint custody agreement works the way it is supposed to.

Don’t bash your ex

This one can be tricky, especially if the divorce was not an amicable one. However, saying mean things about your ex, even if they are true, to your children serves no purpose. It is important to realize that your ex is still your child’s parent, and they love them.

Bad spouses aren’t necessarily bad parents

While this tip is somewhat connected to the first one, it bears its own message. Just because you and your ex didn’t work out as a married couple, that does not mean they are a bad parent. If the court reviewed the terms of your divorce and decided that joint custody was the right option, your former spouse has proven that he or she is a capable parent.

Be willing to adapt

Plans involving children are subject to change at any time, especially when your children wait until the last possible minute to share those plans. For instance, if your child comes home and tells you that there is a Father-Daughter Dance at school, but it is your scheduled time with her, don’t be afraid to contact your ex and let him take her to the event. Joint custody isn’t about you and your ex; it is about your children.

Divorce is already a stressful proposition and becomes even more stressful when custody and visitation come into play. An attorney who is familiar with your state’s family law system may help you navigate this trying time in your life.

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