3 tips for communicating during your divorce

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Divorce can prompt a multitude of life changes that affect you on an emotional and financial level. Although you may have never pictured yourself getting divorced, ending a marriage is a common experience for many people.

The American Psychological Association states that in the U.S., between 40 to 50% of marriages eventually result in divorce. If you have concerns about working with your spouse during divorce proceedings, these communication strategies can help.

1. Watch your tone

It is natural to feel frustrated, angry or mad at your spouse. But you should not let these feelings overshadow your ability to communicate as you discuss property division, child custody and other issues. Whenever you talk to your spouse, try to keep your tone pleasant and businesslike.

2. Set boundaries

Set clear limits on how and when to communicate with your spouse at the beginning of your divorce. For example, reserve a certain time every week where you meet with your spouse or talk on the phone to discuss different issues.

3. Stick to the issues at hand

During conversations with your spouse, it is easy to digress into other contentious topics. Try to keep your discussions with your spouse on track as you work on a divorce settlement.

Improved communication and cooperation can make your divorce go smoothly and prevent delays as you work towards a settlement. Working on your communication with your spouse now can also help you later on if you intend to share custody of your children and coparent.

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