5 things to consider when crafting a parenting plan

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Custody in Florida is usually not absolute. You will probably have to make some compromises with your coparent. These compromises would take shape in your parenting plan

Of course, the main custodial parent should be the one who would provide the best environment for the family. Beyond that, there will probably some other things you will consider.

1. Primary custody

There are plenty of legal terms and details to work out, but the main idea remains the same as it always was: Your kids will probably live most of the time at one parent’s house. FindLaw provides a checklist to help decide who gets custody in this sense.

2. Extended family

How do grandparents get to see their grandchildren, and under what circumstances? What about your cousins, siblings and other family members? These are all important parts of most parenting plans.

3. Vacations

How do you want to divide time when your kids are out of school? Who will have the kids for summer vacation? Who gets custody during the holidays? Can you or your coparent go out of state — or out of the country — with the kids?

4. Special events

Every child has landmark events: Birthdays, big games, dance recitals, musical performances and so on. You might want to plan ahead of time who gets to attend these types of functions.

5. Contingencies

Will you let the kids change houses if one of you gets sick or gets a serious injury? Here is a more extreme example: What happens if the custodial parent dies? Who would take care of the children?

Even something as simple as dropping off the kids for vacation could easily become a post-divorce point of contention. The most effective parenting plans often take a preventative approach to these types of issues, planning all duties that could affect your children’s lives or consume your resources.

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