What does Florida consider when awarding alimony?

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When you and your Florida spouse decide to part ways, you may have concerns about your ability to support yourself and maintain the same standard of living you now enjoy without your former partner pitching in. In this scenario, you may decide to pursue alimony in your divorce.

When deciding whether you should receive alimony, Florida’s court system often considers a similar set of variables. What are some of the factors that help determine whether you receive alimony in a Florida divorce?

The duration of your marriage

You may have a better chance of receiving an alimony award in your divorce if your marriage lasted a long time. After a long marriage, you may also be older than most members of the workforce, which may make you less employable and more likely to need alimony.

Your employability

While your age may make it hard to find a lucrative job, you may also find that you lack the skillset most employers desire if you have been out of the workforce for quite a while. For example, if you stopped working decades ago to raise your child while your spouse worked, this may make you less employable, thereby boosting your alimony chances.

Your dedication to child-rearing

If you and your ex share children who are young enough to require regular attention, how much time each of you devoted to raising them may impact alimony decisions.

These are some of the many considerations Florida courts make when making determinations about alimony. However, this is not an exhaustive summary of all factors that may come into play.

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